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Upcoming learning opportunity:The Use of Recordings by Orchestral Conductors - Jan Pellant

Photo: Jan Pellant, the /Artistic Director and Conductor, of the Coeur d'Alene Symphony

The Use of Recordings by Orchestral Conductors in the Process of

Learning and Preparing the Score with Jan Pellant

This ONLINE EVENT is hosted by North Idaho College Music Department

One can observe the conductor’s work at his performance and rehearsals. However, we cannot see the process of score preparation because the conductor does this work alone. The lectures will focus on conductors’ score preparation process from the time they get the score to the downbeat of the first rehearsal. Additionally, the lectures will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using recordings in the score preparation process for both, living conductors as well as conductors from the past.

October 29: Introduction and Background: Conductors’ Process for Learning a New Score, With and Without Using Recordings

December 10: Traditional Ways of Learning Scores

February 6: Contemporary Score Preparation without Use of Orchestral Recordings

March 12: Contemporary Use of Orchestral Recordings

April 16: Conclusion: Pedagogical views on Learning Scores with and without Using Recordings

To register please contact Mr. Pellant directly at

The Zoom link with the power points for each lecture will be sent to you immediately.

The first October conducting workshop is free – it is $5 to register for the next workshops.

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